Chris Opel, a photographer in the business of creating lifestyle/fashion imagery for over 20 years, is based between London, Paris and Zürich. He was schooled at Emily Carr Institute in Vancouver, B.C. during a time where the strong influence of Jeff Wall was taking the art world by storm. His work has always attempted to capture documentary style moments of truth from his subjects which reflect as honest of an image possible. Chris's imagery focuses on honoring individuality, human connections, being true to one's self, and moments of joy, laughter, happiness, or self contemplation.

His early work sent him off to Europe spending many years in the Paris and Milan fashion markets working as an editorial photographer for magazines such as Vogue, Elle, D, Jalouse, Men’s Health and many other independent magazines.

After building a European fashion eye and his return to a more "slice of life" authentic image, he has captured the eyes of many of the top Photographic Reps, as well as Advertising and Fashion Art directors throughout the world. If you are interested in collaborating with Chris please click the contact link below.