Chris Opel, an American/Swiss photographer who has been creating imagery in Europe for over 25 years, is based in Zürich, Switzerland.

His early years were spent in the Paris and Milan fashion markets working as an editorial photographer for magazines such as Vogue, Elle, D, Jalouse, Men’s Health, Hunger and many other independent fashion magazines. In 2010, it became apparent that his work was starting to attract clients from the advertising industry who were looking for a fresh authentic narrative. It was during this time that Chris focused his emphasis heavily towards shooting models and interesting people doing the things that they were best at, or loved to do... which was simply just being themselves.

After many yeas of representation in New York, Hamburg, London, and Paris, he chose to represent himself in 2016 and continues to work on commissioned projects to this day. If you are interested in contacting Chris please click the contact link below.